The DMV is a region filled with talented rappers undergtound and mainstream.  Artist like Wale, Logic, Oddisee, Chaz French, Matt McGhee, Shy Glizzy and many other talented artists.  In addition to being filled with rappers the DMV is an area filled with talented producers capable of dong some amazing things on production, producers who can make everything from hard hitting hood beats to smooth, soulful samples so with no further ado here are ten of the most talented producers the DMV has to offer.


10. rMell

rMell is best known for his rapping but he doesn’t slack as producer.  He makes quality music.  His production has a Pharrell/Timbaland like style that is as effortless and smooth as his flow.  His beats are refreshing and reflect the feeling of freedom and relaxation that echoes throughout his music.  It’s a smooth balance of chill, contemporary Hip Hop and old school inspiration without being obnoxious or redundant.  rMell’s work has a soulful sound that anyone could vibe too..

9. ElijahOVO

ElijahOVO uses his beats to express himself in ways that go beyond his lyrics.  He is a bold artist who makes heart-felt music.  In his music he keeps it real talking about things that a lot of people can relate to.  He’s a producer whose beats allow listeners not only to vibe with his music but to vividly imagine the stories he tells.  He has a dark sound that reminiscent of some of Drake’s music but he keeps it original by being genuine.  ElijahOVO will continue to grow in popularity because of his relatability and consistency.

8. Rashad Stark

Rashad Stark ‘s newest mixtape The Most Lit says it all.  He has an infectious energy that showcases his outgoing, witty personality.  He released his first mixtape Mark My Words earlier this year before following it up with The Most Lit.  On his first mixtape he split the production with DrewMakesBeats, but on The Most Lit he produces majority of the tracks.  He has a dynamic sound that amplifies his natural charisma, especially on his two singles In My Zone and Who Dis?  Rashad Stark is a creative artist who does rapping producing and everything in between.

7. Rezt

Rezt has produced tracks for Mike of Doom, Fatman Chojiii, NAPPYNAPPA and himself.  He takes minimalistic, spacious beats that bump and gives them to high-energy rappers.   His raw sound lends itself well with Mike of Doom’s gruff delivery but sounds equally impressive when paired with Kelow’s Go-Go influenced vocals or Mikey Tha Savage’s hardened voice.  He produced R.T.F., a hit song by local rapper Fatman Chojiiii.  He also released a mixtape a few months ago titled “No Boo” which debuted his rap skills.  He just started to release music but is already making a name for himself in the local scene.

6. Clayt Da Great

Clayt Da Great makes aggressive, ear-catching beats without falling into the category of trap music instead of riding trends, he comes with a versatile style that almost anyone ca hop on and rip.  He has produced tracks for Mike of Doom, Dizzy Gordo, Cal Rips, Miles Meraki and OGK varying his delivery to match each artist’s style.  He know how to make hard-hitting, head-nodding beats that can’t be ignored but also makes beautiful, smooth beats.  If you search for a picture of his face online you won’t find it anywhere, nor will you hear him drop his name at the beginning of a track.  What you will find is his distinctive style, so consistent that you will quickly recognize his work.

5. Matt McGhee

If you live in the DMV then you probably already know who Matt McGhee is!  He is the most consistent rapper in PG County.  He is one of the premier members of Gram Fam and has been continuously releasing music.  He began his career with a Kanye inspired sound but over the last year, he has evolved from soul samples to making more explosive production.  Some example of his growth can be found on flipmode and ILLEGALMatt McGhee is in his early twenties but he already y has the total package and has shown his drive to keep Improving and excelling.  Matt McGhee is the type of guy who is going to keep getting better and better with each release.

4. Jaylen!

Besides Matt McGhee, Jaylen! Is one of the premier producer for Gram Fam a collective out of the DMV who have gained notoriety over the past two years.  Unlike many of the artist on this list he is strictly a producer.  Jaylen! often works hand-in-hand with Matt McGhee to create some great tracks with deep, soulful production.  He keeps it smooth with some nice soul samples that resembles Kanye West earlier work with a bit of a darker tone.  He puts a great deal of thought into his work and it shows, in the quality of his music.  Jaylen! Is a bit of a perfectionist but he makes it worth the wait.


This DJ / producer is one of the master minds behind GoldLink’s Future Bounce sound.He produced two tracks on GoldLink’s breakout project “The God Complex”, which debuted the “Future Bounce” sound.  He is part of Soulection the collective behind “Future Bounce” which combines 90’s R&B, EDM and Hip Hop to create an infectious, vibrant sound.  His progressive production has helped to further the national recognition of DMV’s Hip Hop scene but production credit extends beyond just working with GoldLink.  He as worked extensively with Jean P The MC, J’Von as well as Matt McGhee.  Lakim has a very ear soothing, soulful sound but all of his tracks don’t sound the same.  One of his best known productions is flipmode a track that features a rapid tempo and energetic beat.  Besides contributing to Hip Hop tracks He also does some great remixes.  To date Lakim has released two EP’s and an album, Escoteric, Soulection White Label: 001, and This Is HerLakim’s production is a pleasure to listen to because he breathes life into his production creating detailed, layered beats.

2. 6ix

Hailing from Bowie, Maryland, 6ix is responsible for producing most of the music on Logic’s album and mixtapes.  The first collaborated on “Love Jones” back in 2010.  On Young Sinatra, 6ix produced five tracks, One, Mind of Logic, Let Me, Take It Slow and of course, Are You Ready.  He then produced majority of the tracks on Young Sinatra: Undeniable as well as a few tracks on Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever.  On Logic’s critically acclaimed first album Under Pressure he produced Intro, Soul Food, I’m Gone, Gang Related, and Nikki.  This album sold 75’000 copies in its first week.  He also helped produce Logic’s sophomore effort The Incredible True Story and QuEST’s project Searching Sylvia.  6ix makes just about every type of Hip Hop beat you could imagine from 1995 inspired boom bap productions, heavy R&B tracks, cinematic tracks to jazz hip hop melodies.  6ix’s production is one of the many reasons why Logic has gone from being a backpack rapper with a nice flow to being a mainstream artist with with global fandom and universal appeal.

  1. Oddisee

He is a musician through and through—whether rapping or producing, Oddisee releases timeless music.  He draws inspiration from musical acts such as Marvin Gaye and A Tribe Called Quest.  He is a producer who stealthily blends genres in his production incorporating everything from rock and jazz to soul, funk and R&B.  He writes about life experiences that appeals to people of all ages, races and cultures.  His music isn’t just about beats and rhymes, “it’s about expressing the issues and situations that everyday people go through.  He doesn’t glorify violence or excessive lifestyles, but he makes inspirational and easily -understood music.  .  He is one of the forefathers of the DMV rap scene, helping to cultivate it in the early 2000’s.  Oddisee has been actively releasing music for years and has gained a fanbase through his production work  As a producer he has worked with a slew of underground rappers and acts such as Little Brother and Diamond District and most recently he has even worked with Kendrick Lamar and J Cole.

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