Lil Wayne is a living legend!  He is one of the greatest rappers of his generation and one of the greatest of all time.  Wayne is a superstar, a multi-platinum artist who has dropped some amazing records and over the course of his career has made music and business decisions that have changed Hip Hop.  In addition to putting out amazing records and building himself up as one of the best rappers alive, he has also played a big role in co-signing future legends Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz and Drake.  He has also inspired some of today’s best rappers people like J Cole and Kendrick Lamar


Over his impressive career Lil Wayne has lent his voice to many tracks.  He has appeared alongside new school rappers and veterans alike and whether he’s performing a dope chorus or spitting some of the most quotable bars in Hip Hop, Lil Wayne brings it.  When Lil Wayne is on his A game he can make amazing music with almost anyone Fat Joe, Jay-Z, Eminem, DJ Khaled, Drake, TI, Jadakiss, T-Pain or Tyler The Creator.  He is a versatile rapper who has made great songs with a plethora of artists, showing and proving he is one of the best rappers ever.

Album: Trouble Man

Year: 2012

This track is a straight up club banger, the type of song that makes you want to pop a bottle and get twisted.  It’s loud, brash and exciting.

 Album:  Follow Me Home

Year:  2008

Back in 2008 before TDE was a household name, Jay Rock was just getting started in the industry while Lil Wayne was on top of the game.  He signed to Warner Bros and even got the opportunity to tour with Wayne.  Jay Rock came in the game hot with this dope single and a co-sign from one of the best.

Album: Glamorest

Year: 2005

In 2005 Lil Wayne was well on his way to greatness putting in an incredible amount of work.  On this record Lil Wayne straight finesses the beat.  He was also growing as a solo star in skill and popularity.  This feature with Trina is a small snippet of how good he was and how great he would become.

Project: Coloring Book

Year: 2016

Chance and Wayne got back together on this joint and the result was impressive yet again, another high energy, fun track.  No Problem is a catchy record for the summer.  This is a bright track with just the right combination of swag and soul.  Chance got the flow, 2 Chainz got punchlines and Weezy got the wordplay.

Album: Cherry Bomb

Year: 2015

This right here is; what happens when three creatives merge their talents. Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne were previously featured on The Game’s Martians Vs Goblins but that track lacked a verse from Wayne verse so this song was the “real” Wayne/Tyler collab fans wanted to hear and the Kanye West feature was a plus adding even more interest.   SMUCKERS is a dream track where three of Hip Hop’s biggest personalities get to showcase their rap skills.  Lil Wayne with Cash Money and Tyler’s with Odd Future but in the end all three of these artist make GOOD music.

Album At. Long. Last A$AP

Year 2015

A$AP Rocky really stepped it up on his sophomore album.  A$AP Rocky’s At. Long. Last A$AP has a track list filled with some phenomenal artists, Schoolboy Q, Mos Def, UGK and Juicy J but even with all of those features Wayne stole the show.  Weezy defied doubters, ripping this beat with one of his best feature verses to date.  Wayne and Rocky both kept it trill on this track dropping some smooth verses over a boomin beat by Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E. and Mike Dean.

Album: Killa Season

Year: 2006

Lil Wayne and Cam’ron are two innovators whose work helped to define the sound of Rap music in the mid 200’s.  Cam’ron made some amazing records that still get played to this day.  Both of these rappers bring their distinct styles to this track, Cam with his methodic flow that he helped to make popular and Lil Wayne brought his clever punchlines, tight flow and unmistakable delivery.

Album: Crazee & Confuzed

Year 2007

This is Stack$ record but to be honest what people remember the most about this song is Lil Wayne.  This Steve Morales produced track is kicked off with a dope hook and nice beat drop…  This 07 banger is fueled by sharp synths and a heavy bass.  On this song, Lil Wayne represents the south well.  Wayne brings the heat with his distinctive drawl and some sooth punchlines.

Album: 5*Stunna

Year: 2007

When this song came out it was inescapable.  The relationship between Lil Wayne and Birdman has grown sour in recent years but this is one of their best collaborations.   Sometimes it’s not all about what you say but how you say it.  Backed by a sick beat, Lil Wayne spit one of his most memorable and catchy verses.  He keeps it short and humorous delivering each of his bars with a unique cadence no one can match.

Album: Paper Trail

Year: 2008

“Swagger like us” is a huge record that saw the hottest rappers I Hip Hop get together on a track.  All four of these rappers put on for their cities, they went in on this beat and helped make this song a huge hit.  Lil Wayne showed he could stand next to the best of the best on this track not being outdone by Jay-Z, TI or Kanye West, New Orleans’s Finest brought that southern smoke.

 Album: 808s & Heartbreak

Year: 2008

Dark, moody and soulful, 808’s & Heartbreak is one of Kanye West’s most experimental albums to date.  On this project Kanye West forged rapping to express himself in a way that no other Hip Hop artist had before and the results were interesting.  808’s has gone on to be one of the most influential albums for rappers today inspiring Drake, Lil Uzi Vert and many other popular Hip Hop artists.  This track with Wayne is one of the best songs from that project.  On “See You in My Nightmares”, Lil Wayne helps to amplify an already great song by using auto tune the right way.

Album: Take Care

Year: 2011

The year this song came out it was everywhere.   It was one of the best songs of the year, an upbeat tune that had everybody jamming in the classrooms and in the club.  It was a huge record.  On this sing Drake does his things with some good raps and a hell of a chorus but Wayne holds it down on his verse.

Album: Idlewild

Year: 2006

Lil Wayne believes he is the best and isn’t afraid to prove it.  A lot of people question Lil Wayne a lyricist seeing his raps as a jumble of non sequiturs and over the top punchlines but on this track Lil Wayne showed how good of a rapper he is.  On this track he held his own with two of the greatest rappers to come out of the south, two men with incredible flows and vivid lyrics.  Lil Wayne delivered on this track with a heartfelt and thoughtful verse.

Album: Recovery

Year: 2010

No Love is a dope track that showed Eminem and Lil Wayne still got IT, people doubted Lil Wayne’s rap skills after coming off of a less than impressive album release with Rebirth, Eminem also dealt with the same issues.  After the release of Relapse fans doubted Eminem’s ability to deliver the way he used to.  Silencing doubters and critics, Eminem ignited this track with a ferocious verse and Wayne spit a lyrical verse that won’t be soon forgotten.  “No Love” is a great track where two living legends showed what earned them their status.

Album: More than a Game

Year: 2009

This song is part of the soundtrack of More than a Game a movie centered around Lebron James.  This song is just back to bakc to back heat.  This song was truely a star making performance for Drake.  Forever is a mega hit were verybody on te track brngs there A game, Drake lays down a catch smooth chorus and a infectious verse, Kanye does Kanye, Eminem rips the track with a tremendous verse and Lil Wayne spit a mean sixteen.  Everyone on thsi tack killed it.

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