Normally our “Artist To Watch” segment comes with just one artist, but this time we have three artists from the same area. While Baltimore may not be a Hip-Hop hotbed, there is an exceptional amount of talent throughout the city. We’ve seen artists like King Los, Tate Kobang, and the late Lor Scoota receive national publicity. There are also artists that are a force right now such as Young Moose, President Davo, and Tadoe. Today we present three artists that are on the rise, but are still killing it and putting on for their hometown.

Lor Izzy 

lor izzy

Baltimore rapper Lor Izzy is an artist I’ve recently came across. The rapper has a few viral videos on Twitter, including one including a snippet of his “OOOUUU” freestyle. The video for the freestyle has almost 15k views in just two days. He’s a solid rapper that has a sick flow and potential to heat up at any moment on a track. Some standout cuts from him include “BandHuntas Pt. 2”, his “Don’t Love Her” freestyle and “Panda” freestyle.

Blue Benjamin Sleepy 


Blue Benjamin Sleepy has quickly become one of my favorites out of Baltimore. On his song “Shit Real Crazy” he calls himself and his crew the “new Hot Boys” and that’s the type of vibe that his music sometimes gives off. Sleepy isn’t going to wow you with lyrical ability, but his story and ability to ride a beat keeps you interested throughout his songs. While he doesn’t have a ton of solo music, some of his hottest tracks include “On The Run” & “Shit Real Crazy.”



MikeyTha$avage is an up and coming Baltimore rapper who has been on fire so far in 2016. You’ll know one of his tracks when you hear one because you can expect his dragged out “yeah yeah yeah” ad-lib. With a different style than the other two artists listed, Mikey isn’t your conventional Baltimore artist. His music is more weed filled and flexed up than anything. His flow also helps carry his content smoothly and helps separate him from other artists. The Marino Records artist has a wave going and it just keeps getting bigger. I recommend that you check out his TrapSavage project as well as records such as “Hot Freestyle”, “Hu$tle”, and “Blowin’ Up.”

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