Performing in the DMV underground scene for several years now Al Hostile found success as a solo artist in 2015 but last year is when he really turned things up. Last year he was heavily involved with 8HUNDRED’s project “SAD MOMS, ANGRY GIRLFRIENDS” which featured great tracks such as “Surpass”, “Boy With A Gun” and “About Me”. He closed off the year with a strong solo project titled “GoodGreatWonderful” and mad several appearances on the Chase Smith project.

Creative collective 8HUNDRED start off the year with a DOPE video for the Al Hostile track “They Don’t Know”. This Richy Guzman directed feature serves as the visual realization of the triumphant Trill 800 produced banger “They Don’t Know”. On this track you can ear how driven Al is as he delivers some self assured, old lyrics over Trill’s fresh production. This is a track you need to blare through your speakers and take in. This video features several cameos from Kasey Jones, Trill800 and 3-OWhop’s Mike Of Doom.

Watch Al Hostile’s latest “They Don’t Know.”

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