Numbers don’t lie. If there is one way to find out what artists are the “hottest” or have the most buzz is looking at their stats. While his name may not show up in the normal “best of the DMV” conversations you see on Twitter. Montgomery County, MD rapper Simba’s numbers show that he can hold his place with some of the best from the area.

If you make a quick YouTube search of just “Simba”, three of the first four videos are from the rapper. The other one is a video dealing with the character from the movie Lion King. Two of those videos, his “500 Bars” single and his “No Flockin” video, hold 75k and 150k views respectively in 2 months or less. The other video, for his “Walked In” freestyle released 2 weeks ago, has 15k views. One of his other singles, and possibly his most notable, “Stiff Arm” has 115k views.

Probably the craziest thing about Simba and his success so far is that he’s only 17 years old. Through hardwork and grind, he’s placing himself in a position to win. The rapper hasn’t received any major co-signs, and while he’s gaining attention of some of the current heavyweights in the DMV, he was doing numbers prior to it.

Simba is strictly a street rapper. He’s not going to provide you with mind-blowing lyrical content, however he still manages to throw in some notable punchlines in his songs. It’s something that separates him from all other local trap rappers, I just can’t point it out. Maybe it’s his voice, or his age. However what I do know is that if he continues to put his full focus in his music, he can find his place in the industry.

You can follow Simba on Twitter @Only_Simba and check out his video for “500 Bars” below.

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