Hailing from “Bluntington Beach, California” rising artist Yung Pinch is looking to add his name to a long list of artists that have made their way from the Golden State. Only 18-19 years old, he’s been building a buzz for some time, but started to pop this year due to “Yo Yo Yo / Hit Me With The Addy” and the Key! featured “No Good.” Around that time he dropped his #4EVERHEARTBROKE project, which was a hard time for the Beach Boy. He was dealing with a break-up with his girlfriend and had recently lost 2 of friends in a car accident. On the project you can sense the loneliness and heartbreak from him. He spends the entire time reflecting on his past relationship and the memories that were made. Two standout records on the project are “Bring Me Down” and “I Care” ft. Gusto Leimert

Outside of #4EVERHEARTBROKE, Pinch’s music has that funky sound that you would expect from a West Coast artist. Some of his music is more suited for the party scene, but he also makes music that you can ride around to. His off-pitch voice is what stands out the most from him. Paired with his melodies, it’s easy for him to keep you listening. His most popular track is the funky record “Rock With Us”, which appeared on his #714EVER mixtape released last month. With over 200k views on YouTube and 92k plays on Soundcloud, the song showcases Pinch’s potential and highlights the characteristics that help him stand out. As we start closing out 2016, keep your eyes on Yung Pinch to continue making noise.

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