On June 5th, 2016 my phone was ringing off the hook. Normally its from the large amount of retweets, likes, mentions, and other notifications from Twitter. Or it’ll be from the large amount of emails I would receive each day. This time was different. I looked at my phone and say messages with screen shots. These screenshots of MusicOnTheDot.com featured a message somewhat like “This site is currently unavailable. If you’re the administrator, please contact your hosting provider.” I hadn’t really stressed cause I’ve seen messages before, but at the same time something seemed different about this one. I logged into my former hosting provider’s website to find a notification that I had exceeded storage limit of the server. After contacting the server, and breaking down the prices, I began looking at other hosting providers. I didn’t really have any problem with the price, but I wasn’t willing to pay it for me to face the same inconsistency they provided before.

I settled on a host, but found out I would have to lose all of the content from the site. At first I was kind of salty about this, but after thinking about it I figured this is probably for the best. As much as I loved the old site, it began to lose its identity. There wasn’t any focus with the site. It seemed like the site was more post whatever the fuck you want, than providing you, our readers, with the best content we could find.

We’re not trying to be like the other guys.

When I first started “Music On The Dot”, I was just a young 16 year old that needed something to do. I knew I loved music and felt like DMV artists weren’t receiving proper recognition for their talents so I looked to change that. I saw what PatisDope was doing, and knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a way. Even though I still posted artists from everywhere, my focus was on the area I called home.

But as the site grew I feel that I began to lose that hunger and passion I had when I first started the site. I was more focused on increasing the numbers and views of the site than helping artists. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, because more viewers = more exposure, but their needs to be a balance and that wasn’t there. I realized I could, and should be doing so much more for artists than it was at the time.

Now with the site back in action, we’re coming back and coming stronger than ever. Gone is the old Music On The Dot; the random content, politics and more. This one is catered to you. Original content, exclusive releases, interviews, playlists, and more. We are giving everyone that deserves to shine the spotlight. We’re not trying to be like the other guys. We’re trying to create the wave.

Shoutout to everybody who helped me through this process and tune into the new Music On The Dot.

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