Q1. Where are you from and how long have you been rapping?
Im from New Orleans, downtown 6th ward, and been rapping a decade or two…

Q2. Why did you name the project “Blazed And Amused”?
It’s a play off one of my favorite movies Dazed and Confused.

Q3. What’s your most favorite record off the project.
Off top I got to go with “Feed The Hurt”, it really captured our essence and passion for rhyming.

Q4. How long did it take you all to record the project?
We did the EP in terms of recording 12 songs and picking 6 in maybe 2 weeks tops.

Q5. Are you shooting any videos from the records off the project?
We shot “Plug Shopping” as a lead visual for the project with a few more OTW.

Q6. Why should anyone listen and support your new project “Blazed And Amused”?
If you the listener really love good hip hop Stoner rap music with banging beats and concepts this is your new favorite EP. We always work hard on our projects and this one is no different.

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