NY rap sensation and soon to be star A Boogie really came out of no where. Taking a look at his Soundcloud, the rapper has only been putting out music for two years. He only has two projects under his name, a solo and collaborative mixtape, both released this year. While many believe him to be unsigned, the rapper is currently a part of the Atlantic Records family.

The Highbridge rapper has appealed to many through his sound but what has attracted most of fanbase is his content. In a world where we find many popular rappers rapping about drugs, guns, money, and women A Boogie is a little different. While he may touch all of these subjects in his music, his man focus is on the heartbreak.

On his Artist mixtape he has a track titled “D.T.B.” standing for “Don’t Trust Bitches.” On the song the rapper lets out all of his pain from the start, rapping, “What the fuck I’m supposed to fall in love with you?/Bitch, I should’ve never even fucked with you” letting listeners know he was played with and he’s not liking it. He spends the hook of the song rapping the lines “Fuck bitches, D.T.B. no I don’t trust bitches.” He also takes some time to repeat “fuck bitches” after verse 2.

However, heartbreak doesn’t always from relationships. On “Jungle” one of his more popular tracks, he raps about being affected by the murder of one of his close friends and plots his revenge, “Man I can’t believe they killed my fucking bro Quado/Shit was so deep I had to say that with my eyes closed/That shit made me wanna treat a nigga like he John Doe/Nine on me Rondo, now that nigga John Doe.”

On the hook of the song he compares where he grew up to a jungle, hence the name of the track. He also regrets letting certain people in his lives because they ended up turning on him. This track can hit home for anyone. At some point in your life you’ve been stabbed in the back or loss someone close to you. While the situations maybe different from what A Boogie is rapping about, the pain and feelings are still similar.

This has helped A Boogie’s appeal. Not everyone has fired a gun or sold drugs. Not everyone has had their heartbroken or been played in a relationship. A Boogie is taking the pain and heartbreak many feel on the daily and is putting it in his music. While he’s not the first to do this, he’s currently one of the hottest and best at it at the moment. Drake was seen as rap’s “heartbreak kid” for the longest. While he still is, he’s starting to branch away from that notion as of recent. With Drake starting to move on, that spot is beginning to open for someone else to take it. While anyone can fill it, right now it’s looking like it’s A Boogie’s to lose.

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