Coming from New Jersey, Hudson County to be exact is DARION, an artist who is known for his dark images but his insane skills when it comes to making beats. But don’t confine him to just one section, the young vet can also spit an ill 16, paint a portrait, and visually capture your mind. I got a chance to talk to the young artist, about his latest single Herban Legend II. He broke thing’s down from his lyrics, to it’s symbolic meanings in a new section called Breakage.

“Herban Legend II”

I got that shit that get you high / that sunshine /That fire /Always speakin’ with my eyes /And lookin with my mouth
Cop the loud for the low / and push it thru the whole county /Sold a 8 for 60 bucks /Friendly hood finessin clowns/ In the night the cops is out /more money by word to mouth /More money there’s more power /Bring honeys /pussy mo powerful / I’ll send u flowers /A half in hour /Ops tryna shut me down /Nigga ion take no L’s unless that shit is loud / ion sell drugs I supply the greens for the streets nigga /ion do drugs I smoke blunts filled up with trees nigga / ion sell drugs I supply the greens for the streets nigga /So whatchu need / How much u need

Hudson: The song is called Herban Legend II, is this song really a legend or is based on actual events?
DARION: It’s based on different parts of my life, I gotta give credit where it’s due though, Capital Steez was the first Herban Legend. To me it symbolizes a way of life [and] being a leader in this society. The whole song is really just a big ass double entendre’s [and] contradiction’s, you’d have to just listen to every single line and take a day or, two to think about that shit.

In the intro you say you speak with your eyes and look with your mouth, how is that so?
I don’t really be talking too much but my eyes be saying a lot and, what I mean by looking with my mouth, I just be out here watching what I say using my choice of words wisely and all that.

You mention the cops are out at night, what is like in your hometown?
I don’t really have a hometown on the real I grew up moving around a lot to different cities and towns out in Hudson County, New Jersey so I don’t identify with one place but I feel like cops be lurking everywhere that’s just me analyzing and getting into detail with my surroundings.

“More money, there’s more power.” Wouldn’t you say money is the root of all evil?
Money IS the root of all evil but, at the same time in this society it’s also your free slave ticket to having power and control over your own life, the more money you have the more freedom there is, rich people could damn near do anything they want so I’m just out here trying to get my numbers up.

What can we see from you in the next up coming months?
More singles, more art, visuals, beats, shows in the summer time, I’m in the process of getting my album finished I can’t really give much information on that but just know it’s happening.

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