Louisville, KY rapper Bryan Bandit has been through it. He has lost some close friends and he’s focus now. Going through so much at a young age has matured him fast. His brand new project “Eight.oh2” is his life on wax. You can tell that from the intro on his project. Spits his raw emotions to get his feelings across to you. Number one rule is no fuck niggas around me! The project has 12 tracks and they rocking. Understand Bryan Bandit is spitting bars. This is not swag rap, one bit this is reality rap for sure. Listen to “God Body” and you’ll find out what I mean. The project is well balanced and the mix sounds pretty professional. This guy really fell from the sky with a lot of heat. If you were sleeping on Bryan Bandit open your eyes asap! Glad to see hip hop still lives. And this youngin from Kentucky is keeping it alive. He sorta reminds me of Maxo Kreme. Make sure you listen to “Cheat Codes” it’ll get your mind thinking. Bottom line the entire project is a must listen. The ones that say they shooters, never seen smoke. Sheesh!

You suppose to crawl before you walk, you beggin for a punishment…Bars

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