For, Al Hostile everything is “Good GreatWonderful”.  He continues to strive to be one of the best rappers in the DMV.  This eclectic EP It features production from LORDFUBU, blkyouth, Matt McGhee, Jaylen! Madbliss, Johnny Jon and several other talented producers.  Some of the standout track on this project are “One”, “blueroad/onmydressor” and “Watch Me”.  “One” is a raw, aggressive track with a melodic mix of rapid drums, luminous bass and synths, it’s pretty intense, Al spazzes over this spitting with anger and conviction.  This song is definitely the peak of this project and the climax to Al’s story.  On the two part track “blueroad/onmydressor” Al does his thing on this track spitting over a dope beat by Matt McGhee that transitions into a smooth LORDFUBU produced beat with water sound effects and an airy sound.  The projects conclusion “Watch Me” is a laidback tune with a motivating chorus where he solidifies his intentions to make an impression in the rap game.  It’s a short yet focused track with a soft, reassuring beat provided by Jaylen!


Five thsi project

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