How did you get started recording?

The first time I started recording funny enough was because of my pediatrician. I was in his office. He had a friend in Maryland with a basement studio so I took him up on that offer. I was about 15 at the time. My dad is a musician so when I was 15 he negotiated for me to get me into the studio. The second time I went to the studio to record I was 17 or 18, I was in college recording out of my friend’s closet. We had a mic and put up a pop filter so we used to be just chilling, lounging around and recording. Around when I was 19 I came home for the summer and my brother invited me over to come chill and smoke and he had booth in the room and monitors it was like a real studio set up in his bedroom. So I hopped on a track, laid down a recording and that was the beginning of the magic. Then there was another tie when I was about 22 or so and I met this a guy who was this event for  Living Social.  While I was watching my friend Reggie Volume Tarver (who is also a producer) and this dope female rapper named Ras preform, I met another Producer named Slick. Slick introduced me to The people from “Good Life”After that I started recording at

“Good Life Studios”. That’s when I started to take it more seriously.

So how does your family feel about you pursuing a career in music? Are they supportive?

At first it was a torn situation. They support me wholeheartedly in my music. In the past my dad was a supporter but my mom denied my dream of being a musician for the sake of education.

So the household was greatly divided

Yeah it was seriously divided and the divide was uneven because I was in the middle of all of it. My wishes and my demands are with my father’s heart but my mom was in total denial of my choices in life. I’ve been wanting to do this my whole life. It’s always been a dream and a goal of mine since I was young I’ve always chose making music over anything else. My mom has hindered a lot of opportunities in my life from modeling to music. She always wanted me to go to school. She wanted to protect me from “The world” and keep me in church and would always talk about how the music industry psychologically damages young people… My mom is a shrink. My mom always denied me and kept me from doing what I wanted to do, cause she thought it would keep me safe.

At 16 I wanted to go to an art school and she shut that down by saying the academics weren’t good enough and it wouldn’t prepare me for college and at the time I didn’t even want to go to college. I wanted to be a musician and no one goes to college to do that. She just kept finding a way to deny my dream until it came time for me to go to college. She kinda forced me to go into college. I hated it but I got through it and decided to major in music but the music department in college for an artist is pretty useless so I left it and got a degree in Mass Communications but college turned out to be a total bomb. Once I turned 22 I decided I was going to make music whether she supported it or not  but once she heard some of my music she started to support me and now she’s a fan and she’s the most annoying fan I have.

How come you don’t talk about those experiences and your relationship with your mother more in your music?

Because it’s not a good one and I don’t like to shed light on the worst things. I never felt a strong need for my mother to believe in me because I already had one believer and I believed in myself so that was enough. I didn’t need my mom to validate my life decisions because she always tore down my choices. I didn’t care what she thought. God’s told me what my gift is and what I can do for the world.

As a female artist do you ever deal with discrimination or sexism?

Yeah discrimination in terms of color, yes. The music industry is racist, believe it or not. It’s not about the skin  it’s a mind thing really it’s not the artist and it’s not the black people or people of color it’s the white people. A lot of white people try to categorize music and restrict freedom of expression but it’s not their fault, their brains are hardwired to be a little bit stupid. I would never take a deal because these white people crazy and I don’t even try to play into the games these white execs run. Don’t get me wrong, they cool they just cant sit wit us

Sexism is an even worst problem a lot of times when you’re a female and you have a certain product, guys will test you to see what you will do for it. These dudes have a huge masculinity issues and in the music industry  women are often subjugated to lesser roles even if they’re the brains behind the operation and know what they are doing there is a man behind them that will try to take credit or take control… They think that they have a better way of doing business but often times it can be degrading. A lot of times guys want sexual favors stuff like they want you to suck their dick or something. Unfortunately, I’ve been in situations where I’ve had a sexual organ displayed before me as if it was a tool that would get me where I’m going but time and time again I’ve thoroughly rejected those type of advances. You’ll never hear about Joan doing anything with anyone for anything. I don’t care how good someone’s product is I’m not having sex for favors. That’s literally prostitution.

How did you link up with Lambo Anlo?

So I was in a Uptown Studios with and my producer Rick Flare and my engineer Tweeze and he walked in. I was chilling and singing and asked me to record something in the booth and we exchanged numbers. Then one day Rick suggested that I ask him to get on a song and I hit him up and that’s how the song happened.

Is that one of your favorite songs on the project?

Yea it’s a lot of people’s favorite song on the project but it didn’t start off that way. It’s not my favorite song but people love it and Lambo definitely killed it. It’s one of the better songs on the album but it had to grow on me.

What do you plan on doing this year with your music?

I actually plan on doing something with J Money. Over the past few years we have racked up a lot of material and we haven’t done anything with it. We want to redo some songs and make some new ones to put together a project and hopeful it drops in the spring. You’ll definitely hear about it.

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