Throughout the history of rap we’ve seen some very successful independent Hip-Hop labels. From Cash Money & No Limit, to Rocafella, to TDE & Quality Control today, the independent label has always had an impact in Rap. As many others look to build the next independent conglomerate, there is one in the DMV that is slowly becoming a force. D1 Entertainment has had an impact in the DMV and outlying areas, and you probably didn’t even know it. Started by Omar Lloyd, the label is home to artist and producers like Tate Kobang, WillThaRapper, Bandhunta Izzy, Young Crazy, Bandhunta Jugg, and Wish GRANTed.

While it was officially started in 2015, the label dates back to 2012. Feeling his purpose in life is to help people (preferably those that society has counted out) reach their potential, Omar started the label to help artists have a chance to reach their dreams. Growing up in NYC, he’s had multiple brushes with the music industry, helping secure a lot of relationships in the industry. Those relationships have helped secure recording and distribution deals with major labels for D1 Ent and it’s artists, such as Tate Kobang (300 Ent.) and WillThaRapper (Republic Records).

One reason that D1 Ent has had much success in the few years its been around is due to the values that the company is built on. Built on “Authenticity”, the label’s staff and artists are comfortable with being themselves. They aren’t forced to fit a certain mold or style, which tends to be the downfall of a lot of artists and labels. Artist are signed to the label based on their talent and image. While Omar may give an artist some advice based on his experience, he stays away form shaping them leading back to the authenticity that the label is built on.

With a few artists on the label signed to major labels, and more set to blow up, D1 Ent. has built quite a good resume so far. But even with all of the success so far, there’s still much more to come. The company has been growing and gaining key partners and is continuing to move in the right direction. That direction, to reach some huge goals for not only the label but the DMV as a whole.

Head below to check out music from D1 Ent. artists Tate Kobang and Young Crazy.

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