There is something nostalgic about certain types of hip-hop. We all have our memories of the 90’s and how the sounds of that time acted as a transformation for the culture. Every now and then you will come across an artist in the current period that will jog the memory of these times, Big Zay Mack is one of those artists.

For fans of artists like UGK, 8 Ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia and others you’ll quickly find the influences in Zay’s music. His proclamation as “King of Trunk Muzik” is one that is hard to dispute with hard hitting singles throughout his catalog. His previous project, “Last Call”, is one that impresses with his deep vocals and thumping production creating the canvas for a perfect soundtrack to cruise to.

On the heels of “Last Call” we caught up with Zay Mack to discuss his roots, influences, the aforementioned project and more in a brief sit-down. Follow our full Q&A session below.

So lets start off by getting to know you as an artist, where are you from?

Columbus, Mississippi. By way of the country town of Steens.

Who would you say are musical role models for you?

Slim Thug, Nipsey Hussle, Curren$y, of course Big K.R.I.T. I love the fact that they all did it their way. They are all living proof that staying true to yourself and the music you create pays off, literally.

What inspired you to do “Last Call”?

I am a drinker. At that particular time, I was still riding the wave off of my previous project, The Dangers Of Sleeping. I was at a bar and began writing songs. My manager Chevy knows I spend a lot of time at the bar, so he hit with me a question, “what do you do when it’s last call”. That conversation led to that album.

We see that your song “Me and Pearlene” is getting a lot of attention, what does that song mean to you?

It means that I’m doing something right. I’m true to myself. I love cars, alcohol, women, and I strive to give you my life in my records. That is a record that had that “it” factor to it. I didn’t know it at the time. I made that song for my car, Pearlene.

So being from Columbus, MS, what is the image that you wanna promote about your home town, being that it has gotten a lot of negative attention in the news?

Columbus is a town full of hustlers, musicians, blue collar people. The fact that it is just now getting national headlines is crazy. My homie, classmate, friend, Ricky Ball was a victim on police brutality. Its an open view to what really goes down in Columbus.

Seeing that there are other artists stemming out of the city, what is it about your sound that makes you different?
Do you think your style is beneficial to the infrastructure of Mississippi’s sound?

I’m myself. I don’t try to be anything I’m not. I rap what I know, what I see, what I live. Its easy to rap about another’s life, but what about your own? That what separates me from everyone else. People are tired of hearing the same thing from everyone. Not everyone moves weight ya know? Not everyone goes out every night, and for sure no one in Columbus is running up a check or getting a bag. I rap for the people who have a 9-5, who need that drank after work, who just wanna see some broads ya know?

I understand you are also a member of the U.S. Navy. Thanks for your service! How does it feel to serve your country as a Navy soldier, as well as pursue a career in music?

You’re welcome. I’m proud. I’m more focused on the music now, but the navy funded my passion.

So do you think your style is beneficial to the infrastructure of Mississippi’s sound?

Its a breath of fresh air. Mississippi is the birthplace of Americas music. That mean we should have different views and sounds. I am bringing back what it is was when people started doing music from the south.

Ok, obviously you are very busy so do you have a team behind you that helps you push your music?

MSPHiT Entertainment is the team. Chevy and I started working together and it worked. I used to do everything by myself, but he has been clutch in my career. He has the know how and I have the music. We work well together.

What can we expect in future projects from Big Zay Mack?

Me. I want to experiment with different sounds, but its still the classic trunk music. You’ll see that with my next project.


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