Hailing from Los Angeles, Derrick Milano had a crazy 2016 that made him one of Rap’s most intriguing yet underrated artists. While he hasn’t been as active in 2017 as he was last year, he’s seen one of his single hit 1 million plays, and has also been featured on a song with Kodak Black. He’s also been making a ton of connections behind the scenes with artists like Meek Mill, Famous Dex, Sean Kingston, and more. We recently caught up with Derrick to talk “Play With It”, linking up with Famous Dex, being in studio sessions with Meek Mill, the lack of love he’s received from blogs, and more. You can check out the full interview above and read some snippets from it below.

Was there a culture shock in moving to Florida for you from Delaware?

I didn’t really fuck with Delaware like that. I really stayed in and was making music, so I didn’t really experience the culture. So when I went to Orlando it was a different environment. There was a different energy and weather. It was like a brand new fresh start. The energy was different, the whole vibe was completely different.

What sparked your move to LA?

When I had dropped “Cellular” all the dancers that were dancing to it were out here. I had hit my boy Billionaire who does my videos up, and he was cool with [Famous] Dex. I hit him up and he was like yo you should try to come out here and link with Dex and Sean {Kingston}. So I had went out there and we did a fire ass video to it. When I got back to Florida, they weren’t really hip. They didn’t know about the “Cellular” song, they really just knew my old stuff. Plus I felt like I was there long enough, and I didn’t want to get too comfortable there. It was just time for a change.

On Linking up with Famous Dex.

So basically he had told me to pull up to Sean’s [Kingston] crib. So we pulled up and then um. The dude Ramsey was the engineer. Dex asked what song we was doing, so we did the Cellular joint. He jumped on it and then my manager was talking to his manager and was like “Yo if he fuck with something else, see if he’ll jump on it. “ So I played the “What Else” song and we did the back and forth on that. So we kicked it and he was like “Yo I fuck with you, let me know when you drop it. We’ll do the video to the other shit.” And I was like “aight, bet.”

Some of your music has a playful style. But at the same time you can really rap. What makes you switch between both styles versus just sticking to one?

Shit its hard man. Dealing with my fans, they be liking all types of stuff. I try to balance it so it evens out and I don’t get characterized in a box. I could dumb it down and make all playful type songs and be known as that type of nigga. But how I look at it, I wat to last and be a household name. So I try to keep it within the box, and try not to go too far out of my comfort zone. At the end of the day it’s still Derrick.

Your most popular record “Play With It” received a lot of love. How did that track come about?

So basically I was in the crib and my manger called me. He was like “Yo, what’s good.” And I was like “chillin, what happened” and he was like “man it’s not too good.” So I asked him what happened. He told me he got pulled over and the police took $750k to $800k. So I had made the song and I had a whole bunch of shit in me anyway. I found the beat on Youtube and I started recording it. That’s when I came up with that line “I seen my OG got pulled over with a million” based on that situation. It took me like 20 minutes and I sent it to him. He was like “yea this shit nice.” So I posted a snippet of it on Instagram and Meechie hit me up. He did something to it, Ayo & Teo did something to it. Paul Pogba, did something to it. But it’s crazy cause no blogs did a write up on it. To this day, no blogs really did a write up on it.

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