Florida has had its fair share of rappers, but over the past few years we have seen a re-emergence from the Sunshine state. We’ve seen artists like Kodak Black, Smokepurpp, Wifisfuneral, Robb Bank$, Denzel Curry, XXXTentacion, and more. A new rapper that has emerged within the past year is Sniper Gang member and Palm Beach artist GrownBoiTrap. With only 9-tracks in his career so far, the rapper first emerged when his single “Skrt Skrt Skrt” was popularized. Since then the rapper’s buzz has grown, dropping a remix to his song “Water” featuring Rich The Kid, Max P, and Drebo; and the recently released singles “Hunnit Bands” and “Lit” featuring D Savage. With a different style than most Florida rappers out now, Trap has attracted a fan base through his authenticity. The same authenticity he displayed in a recent conversation with MusicOnTheDot’s MetroNotBoomin.

When did you first get into rapping?

Probably about a year and a half ago. My friend was rapping and they would be in the studio and shit. I would go and I recorded this one song. Then I said fuck it I’m going to start rapping. Cause I didn’t know what else I wanted to do with my life.

You didn’t know what to do with your life, so what was you doing at the time?

I was supposed to be a football player but that didn’t work because I didn’t like to go to practice at the time.

Were you born and raised in Palm Beach?

I was born in Brooklyn. But I was raised in Palm Beach. Then I moved to Orlando for a little bit.

How was life growing up in Palm Beach?

Palm Beach has a lot of Haitians. A lot of African Americans. People fighting and shit. All type of shit.

You’ve worked with Cello, Drebo, and the rest of the 2FF crew in the past. What’s your relationship like with them?

Cello that’s my dog. That’s my nigga man. We linked up cause we both was in Palm Beach and shit. I fuck with them boys hard. They my dogs.

Your style of music is different from the rest of artists coming out of Palm Beach. What are some of your influences?

My sound is authentic. Its me. I didn’t want to sound like everybody else. I can’t really rap. I’m not really rapper. I can rap but I don’t give bars. I make music that you can vibe to. I don’t write. I freestyle everything mostly. I make shit that I know is going to go hard and you can play over and over again. Everybody in Palm Beach and people in Broward County either sound the same or got they own shit. So I wanted to have my own shit.

You’re also a part of Sniper Gang?

Kodak’s my nigga. Wicks is Kodak’s older brother. He basically linked everything up. He’s my big bro, he looks out for me I look out for them. Sniper Gang is basically like a family.

Does being around Kodak give you any inspiration?

Not because he’s my dog, but to me Kodak’s the hardest nigga in the game. Ain’t nobody fucking with him. Nobody has bars like him. He is better than Wayne in my opinion. I been in the studio for most of his whole album he’s been recording. That’ll probably be the hardest album of 2017. He motivates me cause we both young niggas. He’s 19 and I’m 22. If he can do it, I can do it too. I want to see him be the best in the world. Obviously I want to be the best in the world. But right now it’s his turn. He needs to takeover. Cause the rap game is wack anyway so he needs to takeover.

What do you find wack about the rap game?

A lot of weird ass niggas. This rockstar shit these niggas doing. That shit pussy, that shit ain’t real. I like niggas that keep that shit a hunnit you feel me. A lot of artist do that to get fanbases. That’s why I respect Kodak, he didn’t have to do none of that fuck shit.

When did you first notice your music was buzzing.

It was when me and my girl broke up. I said “I’m finna go hard.” I had a song I knew that was going to do numbers. So when we broke up I dropped the song the next day titled “Get It”. From there everything started going up. Then I dropped “Water.” Then I dropped “Hunnit Bands” which is going crazy. Then I recently dropped “Lit” and that’s taking off.

The first song I heard from you was “Skrt Skrt Skrt.” What was the inspiration behind that record?

That’s the song behind my sound. When I first started rapping I was rapping regular. Then when I dropped “Skrt Skrt Skrt” that’s when I started that GrownBoiTrap song.

What’s some of your favorite songs that you’ve released so far?

Either “Hunnit Bands” or “Lit.” “Lit” probably my favorite right now. I like that one.

Being Haitian, did you ever experience a disconnect with the African Africans growing up?

Palm Beach and Broward right there. So growing up there was always beef between Haitians and Afircan Americans. We used to always be fighting growing up. But I was always cool with Americans. I fuck with anyone that fuck with me.

Who are your top 5 Florida rappers?

Kodak, Me, John Wicks, Honcho, just the whole Sniper Gang really. Other niggas that’s hard Ski Mask, Yung Bans, Drebo, Cello, Lil Gucci Black, but that’s really it. I think mostly everybody suck. Not just people in Florida, but everybody. But it is a couple more people I missed.

You’ve been releasing a ton of music, but you haven’t dropped a project yet. When are we getting that?

My debut mixtape is titled Money Hungry. I’m bout to fuck the game up with it. I never invested money in my music, so I’m going to invest in this one.

It’s a Mixtape or an EP?

It’s going to be a mixtape but it’s not going to be a lot of songs on there. It’s going to be some big features. You might see Kodak, Smokepurpp, and others.

I’ve seen some notable producers fuck with you too. 

Yea there are some producers I can say I fuck with hard. CaptainCrunch, AdamOnTheTrack, Rojas, and some other Florida people.

Are there any last words you have?

I’m coming. I’m at everybody’s neck. There ain’t no competition. Everybody wack. So I’m coming for all these wack niggas. A lot of them may be a head of me, because they started way before me. I just started to shit.

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