Humble Kings Forever is a duo currently coming out of the DMV. Comprised of PG County, MD’s Hubmle Tip and Geogia’s CJ King, the duo looks to provide diverse content and respectable lyricism with their music. Able to accomplish this through their relevant flows, harmonies and production techniques. In October Humble Kings Forever will be able to showcase their talents to the world, with the release of their debut album. Catching up with the duo, we talked about the album, how’d they met, and more.

Talk about how’d you guys first met and how’d you come up with the name Humble Kings Forever.

We met in college. Humble Tip was out doing shows and needed assistance on the road. He brought CJ on the road with him for about a year and a half and the chemistry was immediate. That transferred into the booth when CJ needed help with a hook and from then on the 2 began experimenting with making music.
The name “Humbled Kings Forever” is a combination of the artist names and their beliefs. Humble Tip and CJ King both believe that they are kings and their faith is what keeps them humble, and they desire to remain this way forever.

What are some ways y’all are looking to impact the music culture and make it better?

We desire to implement faith, fun and good music. We plan to expand beyond concerts and music videos. We would like to become integrated within the high school system with uplifting assemblies and travel and speak at betterment seminars. We want to impact the youth with more than a dance or a song but with a message of hope, freedom and enjoying life to the fullest.

Are you guys proud with the current state of rap right now? If not, what’s your issue with it?

Yes and no. But that a loaded questions. The biggest issue is the lack of accountability.

What do you guys focus on when it comes to making music?

CJ focuses on the sound, the vibe and the feeling. Humble focuses on the content and clarity of lyrics and message.

What’s the best part about making music?

HT: The best part about making music is the impact that it has on the audience within their quiet time.

You guys debut album. Why announce the release date so early, considering we often don’t see them being announced until usually about a month before the project drops?

We are completely indie and with that comes a obligation to remain proactive. Often if you don’t set a deadline early you’ll procrastinate and never get things done. This keeps us accountable and motivated to make sure the project is done and available by the presented date.

What can we expect from the project?

From the album listeners can expect smooth vibes, respectable lyricism, a world view of men of morality, fun sounds, a few energetic tracks for concerts, and overall music that uplifts ones soul.

What do you guys feel separates y’all from other duos?

Ha! When you hear the music you’ll hear the difference. But in a nutshell I feel like it’s our combination of cultural relevance and catchy hooks mixed with embracing our responsibility to make this world better.

Any last words?

Honestly, this game is so crazy. Sometimes you can do everything right and achieve minimal results and others can do everything wrong and go straight to the top. We just want to be true to ourselves, our music and our faith and let the chips fall where they may.

Follow Humble Kings Forever on Twitter @HumbledKings.

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