Seattle isn’t generally seen as a Hip-Hop town, but rap group New Track City is looking to push that culture forward. While paying homage to past artists, they look to bring refreshing new energy to the game. Releasing their project Damn Gina Tape back in December, the group brought out the soulful vibes that has attracted their fans. We recently caught up the group to talk about the tape, as well as being from the state of Washington.

Washington isn’t a state necessarily known for rap. So what made you all want to get into the rap game?

Bem: Honestly we always were drawn to Rap. I think it was just the influence in our household. We were listening to such a variety of music but rap just stuck out to us more.

How did you all first connect?

Chi. Stone: It’s crazy because we all first met in high school. Bem is actually my older brother so we were already rocking. Dru kind of came into the picture when we started recording songs during my sophomore year. I think we all just shared a common love for music and that’s what brought us together more.

What’s the background information about the Damn Gina Tape?

Bem: The whole project was based on the fact that we wanted to honor Gina the best way we could. She is actually one of the producers on the tape (Conductor Williams) close friend. She passed away from Cancer so we wanted to dedicate this whole mixtape to her. It started with that being the main concept and then the Martin theme kind of grew along with it. It was a perfect play off the names and worked well with the overall story of the mixtape.

What separates it from your other projects?

Chi Stone: This mixtape is different from our previous project because we were experimenting with the beats and production. The sound of the tape is also something different from our last project we did so it was interesting to hear the final product.

You guys plan to release a new album this year. Is that going to continue the sounds and themes of Damn Gina or should we expect something different?

Bem: Definitely expect something new. We’re blending sounds and just crafting a whole different monster. It’s definitely going to be a unique but dope thing.

Any last words for the interview?

Chi. Stone: Shout out to everyone rocking with us. We got something real real dope coming out soon. Expect new music consistently and thank you guys once more for rocking with the crew.

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