Turning 20 in a few days, Nikko Bunkin has a few accomplishments under his belt so far in his career. Laying down production for artists such as Ugly God, Fetty Wap, Yung Simmie, Denzel Curry, and more; Nikko is building quite an impressive resume with much more to come. Originally wanting to be an actor, he found his niche in producing but eventually wants to expand. Music On The Dot’s MetroNotBoomin talked with Nikko about his former acting dreams, his start, and much more. Check out the interview below.

How’d you get the name Nikko Bunkin?

I didn’t come up with the name. A friend of mine came up with it. He was like you look like Metro Boomin and you sound like him, you should name yourself Bunkin or something. He came up with the name and the Nikko got it Bunkin tag.

How’d you get your start in producing?

I been in band since the 4th grade and I played the drums. Ever since then music been in my life. When I quit band in high school, I found Fruity Loops. I been knew about it because of Mike Will Made It, but Metro Boomin made me download it.

Who are some other people that influenced you?

Besides them my homie TrellGotWings and Yung Coke. Those are some producers that made me take it serious. Like I could really do this.

Talk about how you first connected with Trell.

I was looking at Metro Boomin type beats and then I saw Trell and his was the best one I heard. I messaged him on Twitter and asked him a few things and it clicked off since then. He’s like a long lost brother, it’s crazy.

What was your first major placement?

I got my first placement in high school for Ugly God “Booty From A Distance.” We was just hoping it would get 10k but now it’s at 4 million. That was probably my first big placement.

Who else have you produced for?

I’ve produced for Lil Cray, Fetty Wap, Doe Boy, Denzel Curry, Yung Simmie, Tuki Carter, and a lot more people. Most of the songs are out, but the others aren’t.

What’s something that is characteristic about your production?

My production has to have dark minor chords. The tone of it has to be sinister and dark and sad and stuff. That major happy stuff is cool, but it isn’t what I do. So that and hard-hitting 808s.

Is there a particular reason why you like to use dark sounds?

I used to want to be an actor before a music producer. So I used to listen to soundtracks and act out the scenes during the soundtrack. So I guess my brain is locked to that type of stuff.

Do you ever want to be a part of a movie soundtrack?

I want to score a movie with Fruity Loops. I also want to score a horror video game. That’s like a big goal.

What are some other goals you have?

I want to be bigger than a producer. I want to inspire people that just because your doing this one thing doesn’t mean you can’t expand. I want to have my own production company, maybe act, clothing line, modelling.

Who are some artists you want to work with?

Nav. That’s probably the biggest artists right now I want to work with. Of course Drake, Future, Kanye. I also want to work with Loso Loaded. I love to work with big artists, but I want to Dr. Dre somebody. I want to blow somebody up.

Have you thought about starting your own label and working with a few artists?

Yea I’ve definitely been thinking about that like maybe in the future. I’ve been kind of working on that now, but I’ve been kind of building my brand too.

Everyone has some sort of distractions. What’s something that can’t be around you when you’re producing?

I would say girls, but they kind of motivate me. But they can be a distraction if they’re trying to get my attention or stuff. But I usually don’t get distracted.

What can we expect in 2017?

Y’all can expect more songs with bigger artists. I’m hoping to drop a compilation tape. Wings Bunkin with TrellGotWings, that’s our beat tape coming out. Hopefully more articles, interviews, and bigger things to come. Me and Ugly God was supposed to be doing a mixtape as well.

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