It’s already well known that we here at Music On The Dot are appreciators of those who offer something different to the music culture. One artist doing such is budding femcee and Mississippi native Vitamin Cea. At only about 6 months in the game the rapper has made herself known with a sound rooted in positive energy, emotion and faith while keeping the bars ahead of most rappers with her experience. Impressed by her sound, we sought out to learn more about the young lady behind the music.

You’re recently coming off your first project ever with JoyFull Noise, how does it feel now that you’ve taken the “first step” so to speak?

The fact that I finally took the first step is just confirmation to myself that I can take a step, period. I feel great having my work finally in the atmosphere, accessible to anyone. That was the scary part before it happened, then after releasing JoyFull Noise, that was the part that really excited me. Anyone can find and hear the music. So it’s pretty lit.

What was the reaction like to the release? Did it exceed your expectations?

I got so much love from people who I didn’t even know would be down with what I had to say and what I’m moving to. People really surprised me because I didn’t know how much people would dig it. Like I knew I had something but the reaction from putting it out made me really feel more confident and reassured. It’s wild when people genuinely vibe with what you have to say and what you’re doing. What I’m doing. It by far exceeded my expectations because people that I think are dope think I’m dope and dig the music and that’s sooo wild to me.

You’re very new to rap I understand. Less than a year at this point but you’re already making good progress. I know you haven’t reached your goals, but how does it feel to see yourself actually connect with listeners as you grow?

It feels amazing. I hope people never think I’m doing the most when I’m kind of flustered when they express that they feel my art. I get so excited that sometimes I’m at a loss for words because I’ve been used to rapping to myself and my fam for so long that when people genuinely relate, it’s like dang, you not only understand what’s going on in my head but you feel me the way I was feeling when I was writing this. It’s cool that this is really a thing. I know what it feels like when an artist articulates how you feel, for them and for you and it’s crazy because I’m beginning to be that for other people. It’s beautiful.

What do you feel was the thing you most wanted to convey with JoyFull Noise? It seems that you speak about love a lot and that intrigued me upon listening.

My goal is to not convince people that life is rainbows and sunshine, nor is it all cruel and horrible either. In JoyFull Noise, I wanted to capture the dichotomy of life’s ups and downs. I wanted people to hear the weakness I’ve felt as a human having this experience on earth as well as the strength that comes with love and with God and with appreciation of His many creations, in people, the world around us and within ourselves. I basically wanted JoyFull Noise to say “I know life can be crappy and it’s easy to lose yourself and your joy and all you believe in because of that, but don’t. Keep loving through the bs and Noise of life because contrary to popular belief, it is worth it.” I feel like God and Love are entities that we (humans) have manipulated and tainted because that’s what we do. But I wanted to reclaim those as well. I wanted people to know most that you have to believe and have faith in something, or else life will eat you up. So I choose God. I choose Love.

I understand you’ve also been getting your feet wet with performances as of late too. What is the feeling like to grace the stage on a normal basis like? I imagine it had to be a different type of experience when you first started.

Still extremely nerve racking. But really really fun too. Part of my internal reasoning for not having music out for a while was knowing that once the music is out, eventually that’ll lead to performances and I still don’t really feel like I know how to perform. But I will say that each performance makes me feel more and more strong and stable as an artist even though I’m not even near where I want to be as a performer. I have so much fun now that I’m more comfortable with myself and in myself with my music.

What’s the connection with you and your car? Its been seen a lot on your social media and mentioned in a lot of tracks.

My car is my pride and joy. I bought my element on my own my freshman year of college, I was still at home, working 2 jobs that semester and saving my refund checks. (MAJOR key alert to the lil homies who are about to play the college game). But my Element has been a safe haven for me as well as all of my closest friends. I’ve had the most life changing realizations and eye opening conversations in my element. It got me back and forth between the coast and Jackson to finish JoyFull Noise. Mastad0n has made dozens of beats in the element, all the once he did for JoyFull Noise were made in the element, as well as a lot of the songs and concepts. All developed either cruising or chilling. I’ve laughed and cried and had just the best experiences in the little box and I know other people have to. My car is an extension of me, no doubt. People always say “omg, it’s weird but it fits you” and that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I’m such a sap. But the element was definitely heaven sent.

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever made and why?

I think “LOVE” is the best song I’ve written just because it embodies everything that I stand for. I think Love is the most important thing that we as humans have, and the only thing that can truly save us. Even though I have other songs I fell are more lyrical, or groovy, or catchy LOVE is what I do this for.

What’s coming up next for you being that JoyFull Noise has made its rounds?

In terms of life, I’m spending the summer working at a sports camp with my little sister in Missouri, where I won’t have much access to my phone, and social media. So this means that all my down time will be used to meditate, and create. As far as music, there are some cool things in the works. You can definitely look forward to, more collabs, more shows, and more visuals.

Any last words before we wrap things up?

If you’re reading, this thank you for making it this far, and caring enough. No, but seriously I value everybody who takes out the time to listen to my music just for the sake of being interested in my artistry, and what I stand for. Shout out to everybody who believes in me, because now that I believe in me the possibilities are endless.


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