One of the most overlooked and underrated rappers in the DMV, DoubleOH! is a talented lyricist and gifted story teller. Last year he released an impressive three track EP titled “Hanging On For Dear Life”. That EP was then followed by several features and even a diss track.


DoubleOH!’s latest release “Sheets To The Wind” is a revealing look into his thoughts which sre filled with feelings of worthlessness, depression and pain. In this song he dwells on his darkestbthoughts but what comes out when he spits are excellentlu crafted lyrics that paint a picture of his pain and sadness. Johnny Rocket hr is a friend of DoubleOH!’s and one of the co-foundets of Music Movement is a dope rappervwith a ferocious flow. On this song he delivers an impressive showing with a vetse that is lyrically sound and smoothly delivered with purpose and passion.

“Sheets To The Wind” is DOPE you should check it out

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