First and foremost, I want to ask you about the track “Juice” how did you get it to Lil Donald and how long did it take?

I was in a stage in my senior year of high school where I was just emailing out beats to anyone who put out their email on Twitter and he happened to be one of them and I was sending everyone pretty much the same beats. I sent him that email in September 2014 and the track was released by November.


The track was 808 heavy and had a smooth, simplistic melody something you would expect from someone from The South but you’re from the east coast. Has you r style always been that way or do you make music that fits with the sound that is popular today?

At that moment, I was really heavy into listening to Zaytoven type beats. He was a really big influence of mine at the time and that’s where the feel of that track came from and at the time I wasn’t really making down south trap beats. I was making moderate tempo beats that had a bunch of melody and a lot of harmony.

How did it feel moving from New York to Georgia, did you deal with culture shock?

I had to get used to things being slower up in New York everything is fast paced but down south everything just slowed down, the people are also friendlier. In New York you’ve got to watch your back but in Georgia I got a new type of feeling from the people around me. In New York you would have to fight for your spot but down here you can work with others to get to your spot or create your own lane.


Being that Georgia has so many upcoming artists, collectives and producers what do you do to stand out from all of the other producers and artist in that state?

Be you, take your gifts and talents and use them in your own way. Don’t try to get on just to get a check or try to sound like someone else. What makes me stand out is my use of melodies and chords I’m not your typical trap producer.


If you had a chance to work with any of these three artists who would it be out of Young Thug, Gucci and Future?

I would say it’s between Thug and Future, I’m big on melodies and their melodies are crazy.


If you had to choose one though, who would it be?

(laughs) I don’t know I can’t. I get different things from both of them, Thug’s flow is ridiculous and his melody lines are crazy but Future just gives you that raw feeling. I listen to the both of them evenly. I just can’t choose.


I feel like you can mix Young Thig with anything because of just how unique his melodies and crossover appeal. Future has bangers but his music doesn’t go with everything.

Yeah, but it depends on the DJ, I can make Future go with everything!


What would you mix Future with?

In my set I do a mix between “3 Times in a row” and “Stick Talk” or “Freak Hoe” and Bobby Schmurda’s “Hot Nigga” which is weird but I make it work.

Cool, how long have you been DJing?

I picked up DJing around my junior/senior year of high school in 2014.


Speaking of entertainment, could you see yourself stepping away from DJing to work in radio or behind the scenes as a manager?

My goal is to take over as a producer, take over the DJ lane and then take over as a label owner. I want to work with artist and really develop multiple artist in multiple genres, that’s where I want to take this thing next. I’m still picking up and learning things about the industry.


Who has been your biggest supporter or biggest mentor because for a guy that’s only 19 you’ve done a really good job getting your name out there?

Probably my dad at an early age my dad was telling me the importance of publishing before I even though about producing. Being around him taught me a lot and to this day he’s one of my managers and we talk every day about music, what my next steps will be and how I should do things.


So who are the people that push and promote your brand or do you promote yourself independently?

I have a team. I’m signed to a publishing deal with Green and Bloom/BMG

that team consist of Benton James and songwriter Billy Mann and my management team consist of my sister Lateisha Jeannis, my father and one of my dear friends B Rod who’s a big promoter down here in Atlanta and I have a lot of other people on the team but those are the main people I deal with everyday


So I checked out “Trax Season” what new projects do you have on the way?

I have “Trax Season 2” dropping in a few weeks.


Is it dropping as a New Year’s Eve release?

I’m looking to drop it as a Christmas release


On the last project you had K Camp, Young Dolph, Remy Boy Monty and Coca Vango. Who’s returning for “Trax Season 2”?

I have an exclusive verse from Jose Guapo over “Juice”. I have Coca Vango back on it, Lizzle from Thraxxx and IHateFreco. Those are the returning artists but I have a lot of new artist on there as well

What are your thoughts on the show “Atlanta” is it realistic or relatable?

The part where there is a shootout in the club and they just wind up at Waffle House was real relatable. I and my people be at the club every week from Tuesday to Sunday til like 4 a.m. so we always go through situations like that.


One of the funniest parts in the series was when Earn was in the club and once one of the chicks realized who he was she started asking him about being in the next Paper Boi video. Do you ever have people coming to you trying to ask for handouts?

Yeah I get it all the time. I have a lot of situations where people ask me for handouts. A lot of times if it’s a random person I’m quick to shot the handout down or give them my management or tell them to hit my email or something like that because people ask for beats all the time but if they’re not talking money or something that is going to progress my brand I direct them to my email or give them my manager’s phone number but if it’s someone I know I make them work for it by having them go work with someone else in the studio to see if they turn out a good product before I help them out.


Where do you record and make you beats at?

Anywhere and everywhere that I can sit down and use my laptop most of my recent beats have been made in my kitchen in my apartment.

When people hear the name Tre Trax they think of “Juice” but what do you want to be known for?

I want to be known as the greatest musician alive or the greatest music producer alive. I want to be known as one of the greatest producers alive not just as a Hip Hop or trap producer. I want to be known for more than trap beats. I want to be known for making music period. I want to do orchestral. I want to do EDM. I want do Blues, R&B and Pop. I want to do everything. I want to make music that reflects how I’m feeling. I do that now but I’m not necessarily releasing those type of songs. But I want to be known for making hits in multiple genres.


So you want to be like Pharrell?

I want to be greater than Pharrell like a mix between Metro, Red One who produces for Lady Gaga and Boi-1da and Martin Garrix mixed in one that’s what I’m trying to be.


So you’re trying to be the dude that’s making cross genre records and killing it. So one day you want to be like Quincy Jones pretty much. One of the greatest producers ever.

Yeah that’s the perfect person to use

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