Atlanta’s KING J recently shared his debut EP, My Favorite Thingsand now returns with the official music video for his Meltycanon-produced single, “Interracial Dating.”
“When I was making this song I was on the internet looking for beats and I was trying to find beats from Father’s producer, Meltycanon. Meltycanon produced ‘Heartthrob’ by Father and I really fucked with the percussion. I went to his site and found the beat to ‘Interracial Dating’…I knew I wanted to talk about me and my girlfriend ’cause we were doing long distance at the time and I always wanted to capture the uniqueness of my life even though I’m jus a regular dude rappin, so I decided to highlight interracial dating and flex that part of my life,” KING J shares.
Watch the “Interracial Dating” music video below.

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