lil aaron‘s latest project is a chronicle of his rise to prominience a tale of sex,drugs and debauchery.  This tape is a mix of dark lamentations and pleasure filled jams that mixdruggy R&B, rebellious rock music and stadium status rap music.  “Gloing Pains” is a compelling project filled with overwhelmingly powerful yet smooth production.  Standout tracks on this tape include the titular track “Gloing Pains“, “Nobody“, “DRUGS“,  and “GO 2 Hell”.


The intro track  is an ominous start, Aaron recounts coming up in Indiana “tryna make it out his mama’s basement, fighting to reach success and have his music heard.  This song closes with a dark chorus as he states “You don’t know me anyway” with his passionate voice cutting through pounding drums.  “Nobody” is a dark,defiant banger where Aaron confides in the listeners about his “loneliness” and escapism through drugs.  “DRUGS” is a pleasure to the ears it’s a up beat jam about sex and drugs that adds some light to the project.  It’s a fun rock track that transitions into a call and response track.  “GO @ HELL” is a grungy, melodic tune where Aaron celebrates his monetary gain stating “Imma go to hell with just me,myself and all my money.


Gloing Pains” is a must hear project filled with great songs and great production, check it out

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