Mixtape streaming website and app Spinrilla is being sued by major record labels. According to Hollywood Reporter, the website and its founder Jeffery Dylan Copeland was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America on Friday Feb 3. The record labels that appeared on the lawsuit include UMG, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic Recording Corporation and LaFace Records. Record labels are claiming that the website is giving away ober 21,000 of their copyrighted works.

“Through the Spinrilla website and apps, users with an artist account can upload content that any other user can then download or stream on demand for free, an unlimited number of times,” wrote attorney James Lamberth in court documents. “A substantial amount of content uploaded to the Spinrilla website and apps consists of popular sound recordings whose copyrights are owned by Plaintiffs.”

The RIAA reprimanded the website, issuing a statement.

“Spinrilla specializes in ripping off music creators by offering thousands of unlicensed sound recordings for free. Fans today have access to millions upon millions of songs from innovative platforms and services that pay creators — this kind of illicit activity has no place in today’s music marketplace.”

Spinrilla is still up and running as of the time this article was written.


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