A few months can change a person’s life. Rising Atlanta artist Bali can attest to this. In the 6 months she’s been making music  she’s gone from a girl who spent a lot of time painting to one of the hottest up and coming female artists. With two sides to her, Bali can be fun and kind or she could be full on savage, and this appears in her music as well. Recently she’s dropped two new mixtapes, one for each side, Brazy Bali and Bubbles Bali. We caught up with the Atlanta artist to talk about her two sides, her short but successful music journey, and more.

What part of Atlanta are you from?

I’m from the Nawf.

What was Bali like growing up?

I don’t know how to really to explain. I was a dweeb (laughs). I always did wild ass shit. Weird ass shit really, to describe it better. I used to do wild ass shit with my hair and clothes and shit. I used to make my own everything. My own shoes, bags, everything. It wasn’t even like I tried to be different, I thought that shit was cool.

So you just kept that going?

Yea. I just really still do some weird as shit. I been wild since I was little.

How long have you been making music?

Since May of this year.

You’ve received a lot of attention in such little time. Why do you think you started buzzing so fast?

I think it’s the way I present everything. I do it differently. I don’t rap like other people. I don’t do my music videos like other people. My posts. The things I say. I say wild as shit. I think all of that contributes.

Why is there so much hate for you?

I always had people hating on me. Cause I always been a little talking shit, flexing ass bitch. So people always hated. But it’s like with the more fans its more haters. For the every other hundred fans it’s three or four haters. It don’t really matter cause if you ain’t got haters you ain’t really doing nothing.

So you have two new tapes Brazy Bali and Bubbles Bali. Do they represent your split personalities?

I don’t want to say personalities. But they’re two different sides of me. Because I’m a Gemini I have two different sides. I have a real extreme side and then I have a real nice and bubbly side. With me there’s no in between it’s either one of the other.

Do you see yourself ever just making music in one of those styles?

Nah. I’m making music for however I’m feeling. One day I’ll wake up and feel like a killer. One day I might wake up and feel like somebody wife. You never know, I just make music for how I feel at the time. Since I got two different sides, both sides come out.

Talk about your PlayGirl movement. What’s it about?

Playgirls is my group of money making fine ass bitches. We really came together because with me being in the music industry I see how hard it is to take girls series in a lot of different aspects. So I was like if I’m being put on, I might as well help the other girls trying to do the same thing and follow their dreams. We basically starting a movement for girls doing something in their lives.

I was on your Twitter and saw you also do art.

Yea I was into painting before I started rapping.

What made you want to focus on rap instead of pursuing that?

I think the music has taken over. It’s a lot because I’m doing all of this by myself. Between running my PlayGirls, my music, all my trips, and stuff like I don’t really have much time to sit down and paint. But I’m going to get back to it.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

I have a lot of new age painters I like. I don’t really know their names though. I just follow them on Instagram and shit like that (laughs).

You have a lot of buzz in the DMV. What’s your love for the area like?

The DMV is like a second home to me cause they show me endless love every time I come. That’s why I try to bounce back and forth from Atlanta to Maryland because it’s like a second home and I have so many people up here I fuck with. Then I be having a lot of other stuff to do like I go to schools and see the kids and I be shooting my vlogs and stuff out here. It’s really lit.

Who are some artists you want to work with?

YG. I got to work with YG. Trouble. 21 Savage. Kodak. Free Lil Kodak.

You and Rico Nasty have been close. What’s y’all relationship like?

That’s my bitch. That’s my other half. My twin.

Do y’all have any projects in the works?

Yes we do but I can’t really talk too much on it. Me and Rico got some shit coming though.

Any last words?

Go get Brazy Bali and Bubbles Bali on MyMixtapez. PlayGirl gang gang gang shit. PlayGirl takeover.

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