Coming from Takoma Park, MD, rapper Travy Nostra has seen a solid rise so far in 2017. Even though he’s had his share of success, he has also faced obstacles as well. Recently losing his close friend, Penny, the past couple of months have been hard on the rapper but he’s looking to push forward. With labels contacing him and a new project on the way, Travy has his eyes on the prize and he isn’t letting up. We recently caught up with the rapper to talk about his year so far, Rap Game Nostra 2, getting on The Source, and more. Head below to read some snippets and check out the full interview above.

Where does your name come from?

I got that shit from LA Costa Nostra and shit. Like the mob and shit. That’s what plays into the Black Mob shit we got going on. I took that and put it to the end of my shit.

Getting on The Source was a big thing for you. How did you feel when it first happened?

That shit was crazy bro. That shit was next level. My mom used to get the source to the house. So that was a magazine I grew up seeing in the crib. So to show my mom that shit, she really cried behind that shit bro. But that was crazy.

You’ve started to come into your own this year. Are you surprised about the success you’ve had so far?

I don’t want to sound cocky and be like I knew that shit was going to happen. But I’m happy, I’m grateful as shit. I’m happy about my progression. I feel as though I deserved it. A lot of niggas thinking I’m a new rapper but I’m rapping for a minute. For niggas to just now find out about me kind of hurts, but it’s what comes with the territory.

What’s some of your favorite songs you released this year?

I would have to say the Buck 50 joint. That joint and 100 Bars Pt. 3. That shit hard, that’s probably one of my favorites. And the song I did with Rico. I still listen to that everyday.

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