“Everything You Want” is a perfect record for the summer. The bars are on point, the beat fire and the chorus is memorable. This “Yuppie Lifestyle” presentation is booming with DMV talent. This track is wavy from the beat drop to the fade away. Al Hostile starts the song off right with a catchy chorus that is quickly followed by a verse from Kasey Jones.  Kasey raps a vivid verse filled with imagery, his flow is tactful and his delivery is crisp.  Steezy Grizzlies tackles the second verse.  This song isn’t typical Steezy but he uses his voice to deliver some harmonic vocals that glide over the track.  The song concludes with a dope verse from Polyester The Saint who’s raw and forceful delivery works surprisingly well on this bright record.  “Everything You Want” is a cinematic record that belongs on a movie soundtrack.  It’s a summertime anthem but a record this good is sure to stay in rotation.

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