There are plenty of talented graphic designers in the DMV area. As we continue to profile the many designers locally and all around, we’re back today with two young talents. DLo and GlodUpJay are two graphic artists from the DMV area. GlodUpJay started designing as a 9th grader in 2013, beginning by designing on his phone with apps Phonto and Picsart. He then transitioned to the computer where he familiarized himself with Photoshop and hasn’t looked back since.

So far he has worked with artists like Bankroll Marky, Lil Cray, Lizzle, Willtharapper, Lil Dude, Lil Riza, and Lil Zay, while hoping to work with GHerbo, Future, Pnb Rock, Lil Bibby, & Lightshow. While many people often look up to others in their fields, Jay’s mother serves as his inspiration. “She showed me that I can make anything possible whether we were poor or rich she made me understand how it really feels to start from the bottom!”

He tries to make his artwork stand out in a creative way as if he’s “trying to relay a message to you.” Another way he stands out his by his logo, which you can find on all of his work. Only 17, GlodUpJay has a promising future ahead of him.


DLo on the other hand started designing in late 2015 after watching YouTube tutorials. He ended up getting a Photoshop trial before purchasing the whole software. Along with YouTube tutorials he’s been inspired by fellow graphic designers Remain3k and High-Res who he cites as “two of the best designers I know.” Both artists push DLo to continuously keep growing within his work.

And he has done exactly that.

So far DLo has designed for PartyNextDoor, Ca$h Out, TooEasyBlack, Q Da Fool, Big Flock, Shabazz, Lizzle, Bankroll Marky and others. One reason he has worked with some notable local and mainstream artists is due to his style and work ethic. He has put long hours and nights into his work and it is all paying off in the long run.

His favorite part of designing if the feedback he receives saying, “The feedback makes me feel like my work is inspiring and admired, that’s a great feeling.” The feedback that he receives is generally good, most likely due to his ability to bring to life the emotions in the music within his artwork.

In the future DLo wants to work with 21 Savage and G Herbo, but for now he has advice for others. “Don’t settle for less, enough work is never enough work. Keep practicing, keep working and trust God. Don’t ever abandon your goals. Perfect your skill and in the future all of your hard work will come back to you.”


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