From lyrical to the streets, the DMV has had it’s fair share of rappers make it over the past 10 years and now people are looking for who’s next. From Big Flock to WillThaRapper, Chaz French, Lightshow and more, many are looking to be the next up. One artist who has emerged over the past couple months is PBG’s Shabazz.

In a tweet a few days ago, I posted a snippet asking if the rapper can become the next DMV star.

A year ago just about no one outside of those around the PBG camp really knew who the rapper was. When Q Da Fool first started to emerge last year, many people were starting to get introduced to Shabazz, with him being featured on Q’s music. In early December, Shabazz then released his debut mixtape Pints & Zips, showing the rapper can stand alone outside of Q’s shadow. A month later the rapper then dropped his Rush Hour EP, a small 5-track project.

In late January Shabazz and Q Da Fool teamed up in a Batman & Superman type nature to release Trap Brovas. At the time of the release, this project was the most inportant one of the rapper’s career. While he showed he could make music alone with Pints & Zips and Rush Hour, many people still looked at him as a second fiddle to Q Da Fool. With Trap Brovas all that talk came to an end, and the conversations comparing the two rappers began. Shabazz stepped up to the plate and showed his progression as a rapper. Fully coming out of his shell, that’s when the emergence began to start.

The rapper then released his second solo mixtape Shabazz Nigga: The Mixtape which was better than all of his previous projects. Since its February 27th release, the mixtape has seen over 35,000 downloads and 41,000 streams. After Shabazz was released, he started focusing on singles and visuals. He then began teasing a new mixtape titled Curb Service. After delaying the tape a few times, he released his biggest single yet “If You Need It” in late May. Since the visual has dropped for the song it has over 275k views and by the time this article is published it will have over 300k. A month after releasing the video he dropped Curb Service which at the time of writing this article 41,000 downloads.

Shabazz has everything people look for in a star. He has the fans, the numbers, charisma, and more. He has no problem stepping up to the plate and taking over if he has to. His sound and his voice is distinctive and sets him apart from other rappers in the DMV. Shabazz has done more so far in one year than some rappers that have done in five. At one point I was even iffy about him, but he’s made me a believer. So to answer the question “Is Shabazz the next big DMV star?” I really don’t see why not.

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