G-30 returns to our pages with a new tape titled “#OutOnBail”. This seven-track project is primarily produced by Shane Alexander and features vocals from fellow artist Travy Nostra and Squeak. Gritty and raw, “#OutOnBail” is a hard-hitting street rap tape with numerous references to guns, violence, and drugs but G-30 doesn’t glamorize these things instead he uses these themes as a catalyst to tell stories from his life. An artist with a hard life and inspiring story less than 31 years old G-30 has had some first-hand encounters with danger and death being stabbed as a teen and recently being hospitalized after being shot in the chest. On this tape, G-30 is relentless going in on each song with focused aggression tearing at each beat with simple but effective wordplay over a head-nodding beat.

Stream “OutOnBail” below


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