@EverydayStrugg is a morning show where famed rapper @JoeBudden and internet sensation @IAmAkademiks square off over the biggest topics in hip-hop and pop culture, moderated by Complex News’ @NewerYork. Conversations are intense and opinions are taken to the next level as Joe and Akademiks battle head-to-head every morning, Monday – Thursday at 11AM on ComplexNews….

That being said, I watch #EverydayStruggle everyday, but I was upset at the lack of female input. Nedeska is a great moderator, but she never really gave too much of her opinions on the topics, and I was interested in hearing a female’s input. Then I thought: “Hmmm..I’m a female and I’m a lover of hip hop and pop culture. So, why don’t I just start making weekly response videos as part of my #StruggleExchange?” I would watch everyday, take notes on their topics, and at the end of the week, whatever I still felt inclined to talk about and offer my insight, I would do that and upload on their off day – Friday.

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